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Film maker | Screenwriter | PHOTOGRAPHER

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Over the years, I've learned how to love the complexities of people, to see underneath their layers, and to apply it to the films I've been a part of. I work well in a team environment, but also have a mind for independent thinking and unique thoughts. I've worked in many film positions but feel a strong calling for screenwriting and film directing.

PROGRESS - Fall 2009

     Writer, Director, and Editor

     A short film, shot on 16mm, observed the obstacles a young man

     with agoraphobia must overcome to make it through the day.
PARIS - Spring 2010

     Writer and Director

     A young woman must decide her fate while being pursued by the

     men in her life.

DUET - Fall 2010
     Writer, Director, and Editor

     Part 1 of 3 in the Legal Triptych: A social misfit, Chelsea sets out to

     make a friend who understands her love for playing the air guitar.

​SHOCK FACTOR - Fall 2010

     Writer and Director

     Part 2 of 3 in the Legal Triptych: Chelsea is being chased through a

     parking structure by an unseen figure, only to get an unsuspected


LEGAL - Fall 2010

     Writer, Director, and Editor

     Part 3 of 3 in the Legal Triptych: Chelsea is forced to say goodbye to

     Sam and end their relationship. 

THE DANCER - Spring 2011

     Second Unit Director of Photography

     On this film, I focused on obtaining shots the Director, and DP

     asked for, while they also allowed me the freedom to try out some

     shots I found interesting during this dance-intensive shoot.


     Production Assistant

     While on this film shoot, I assisted in anything needed of me, setting

     up props, sets, and preparing things for the rest of the crew.

Hollywood Heroine - Summer 2011

     Art Department 

     This independent film set was an amazing opportunity for me to

     show others what I'm worth. I worked props, sets, and wardrobe

     almost entirely by myself. I made myself readily available

     for anything the crew and cast needed of me.
3, 6, 9 - Fall 2011

     Writer and Director

     Stella suffers from a severe case of OCD, and struggles with daily life

     when she unexpectedly goes off her medication.

CRISS CROSS - Spring 2013

     Director of Photography

     This film allowed me to stretch my knowledge of cinematography

     once again, and through a collaborative effort with the director, we

     came away with a great final film.


     Writer, Director, and Editor

     A film relying heavily on Alice's sensual perception, the focus of this

     short film was to work toward an emotional terror from the actress.

     Alice is led through the forest by her curiosity, only to find horror.

LONELY - Fall 2013

     Writer, Director, and Editor

     My goal during this film was to see who much emotion I could get

     from working with my actress, as well as the story I, myself, could

     obtain from the camera since cinematography isn't my exact

     specialty. A young woman goes in search of her dead grandfather,

     and lands herself in a dark mess.

ILLUMINATION - Spring 2014

     Casting Consultant

     From across the country, I was able to assist the director and

     casting director in making difficult decisions concerning the

     auditions for the film. 

PROGRESS - Best Director at the Riverside Community College Semi-Annual Film Festival, Fall 2009

LEGAL TRIPTYCH - Best Screenplay at the Riverside Community College Semi-Annual Film Festival, Fall 2010

3, 6, 9 - Best Editing, Screenplay, Sound, and Director at the Riverside Community College Semi-Annual Film Festival, Fall 2011

Blossom - Published in the 2013 edition of Thread Anthology; it's a screenplay about a little girl who is fighting to believe in the magic of life.

Flight - Published in the 2014 edition of Tread Anthology; a screenplay of a young woman grasping to keep her past life in check while surviving in the present.