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Film is how i express my ideas to an audience greater than myself.


Breathing forest

3, 6, 9

Duet, Shock factor, & Legal

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A triptych style effort, detailing three separate moments in a couple's life together.

Stella suffers from a severe case of OCD, and struggles with daily life when she unexpectedly goes off her medication.

Curiosity leads a young woman to an unseen horror.

A young woman goes in search of her dead grandfather, and lands herself in a dark mess.

Since the age of 12, I've been formally writing and directing short films, even when I had to beg my friends to act. I had the compulsion to tell stories. I try to understand what compels people to behave and act in the ways they do, all while molding these observations into screenplays and films of their own.

I am an Emerson College Graduate with a VMA Film Production BA degree. I have had two short screenplays published in consecutive years in the annual Thread publication. I focus primarily on drama, but have delved into many other genres to experiment and exercise my craft.


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